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Hosts the first talk show Afrika wa Vulavula

Born at Nkuri Giyani in the Mopani District and went to Primary School at Tirhani and Secondary School at Matsambu both at Tomu and Nkuri respectively and later completed high school at Giyani High.

Worked temporarily as a teacher before joining Munghana Lonene Fm in 1993 (Radio Tsonga) then as Freelance Presenter and later became full time Presenter/Producer and Translator.

Was awarded the Lemon Twist Second Best DJ in 1994 sponsored by Schweppes Company. Was later awarded several awards including Runner up award for the Best Consumer Journalist Award by the Minister of Trade and Industry Hon Alec Erwin in 2001 and later the Best Programme Producer in 2005 for the program Afrika Wa Vulavula. Before that other achievements includes best Educational Programs Awards winning most trophies and the station becoming the overall winner for the Educational programmes. I was also awarded the General Manager’s Award of Excellence by the late RGM Victor Ravhuadzwo.

I was later tasked with hosting the first talk show Afrika wa Vulavula since 2005 till March 2015 when I got moved to Educational shows. As the talk show presenter Morgan have successfully hosted most SA’s including Politicians, Business leaders, artists and even the President of the country, then Deputy President of the ANC Hon Jacob Zuma and Mr George Bizos who represented Mandela in the Rivonia trial and Frene Ginwala the first Speaker of parliament.

Morgan is a married man and stays with his wife and kids.  He likes politics and history. He is a soccer fanatic. His favourite music is R & B and Xitsonga as well as African music especially Zimbabwe music.

Favourite Politician: Nelson Mandela
Dislikes: People who hates others, cruelity to others.

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