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A talk show addressing issues of concern and public interest

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A talk show addressing issues of concern, and public interest ,facilitation of development communication by bringing Experts, politicians and community leaders should be interviewed live or telephonically to address political, social and economic issues that are serving as barriers to community development and success on the community. There should be open lines for discussion on burning issues for the community to participate and seek answers to such questions. There should be hard news stories of local/local. The programme is 100% talk

Language: 100% IXitsonga (unless the guests cannot speak Xitsonga) and strictly no music

Audience and Objective of the Programme

The target group of our listeners is 25- 49 years plus. The objectives of the programme is to educate and inform the community and make the community aware of what is happening around them and how it affects them and further how those issues can be tackled as the community.


Economic development, the talk show tackles issues of economic development with institutions like SEDA, KHULA, LEDA, NEF, IDC and NYDA and any other government parastatals to create awareness around their economic growth programs and initiatives in order to alleviate poverty and present job opportunity programs.

Service Delivery, the program bring to light achievements made and challenges faced by our government, encourage and lead a solution dialogue and opportunities that exist in government.

Politics, the talk show provide a platform to create awareness around political delivery in order to contribute to improving voter education, and promote democracy and activities of parliament.

Social cohesion, the talk show provide social programs by both government and private sector and international relations  on Africa  and around  the world, where all people participate regardless of their race, culture, language and gender.

Disability, the talk show provide a standing feature on disability to discuss topical issues that affect people living with disability and also advocate for the rights of people living with disability.

Crime and Health, the  talk show provides  information on health related matters and crime prevention


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