Station Managers Corner

Date: Jun 5, 2015

June Message

Station Manager’s Corner

June 2015

June is another historic month on our calendar. Our young people know. They need not to be reminded. The station will be caring a lot of youth related content throughout the month of June, interspersed with a lot of exciting on air competitions. We will also be activating a couple of youth activities including fashion shows and youth business seminars.

Let me (on behalf of the station) appreciate the support shown by listeners during our time of bereavement when we lost our one and only Oom Hangs in May. You really demonstrated how much you love and appreciate the station. Oom Hangs, the team will miss you.

Our operation Ndlandlamuka campaign in May was a resounding success. The campaign is aimed at taking the radio to the people, for you our loyal listener to interact with your presenters. This campaign continues, and keep on listening to Munghana Lonene fm, your area could be next. Our transmitter expansion plan is at a very advanced stage. SENTECH is working very hard to address all our transmission challenges.  

The recently released audience figures show a growth of 188 000 and a year on year growth of 123 000. We appreciate your unwavering support. We are not perfect, but we try our best. 

A BIG WAVE of change is coming. Watch the space   

More exciting changes are on the way, just watch the space and keep on listening to Munghana Lonene fm.

See you in July

Thank you


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