Triple M bows out

Date: Jun 26, 2019

37 years of unbroken service

Misaveni Million Mabunda A.K.A Triple M Bows Off.

Following 37 years of unbroken service, and a record survival of two harrowing retrenchments in the SABC, the 90’s Mckinsey’s report included, Munghana Lonene Fm Executive Producer for Drama Mr. Million Mabunda is leaving the SABC, with June 30 being his last day.

He speaks fondly of his journey at the SABC, which started when he was a young man of 26, baby-faced and pitch black afro on his head. Today when he leaves, though still graced with the baby face, loss of the afro tells a story of a man who spent eternity in this corporation, almost.


Having joined the SABC in 1982, by then well-known as SAUK, Mr. Million Mabunda has traversed the offices of this corporation in the province. After a year’s stay in Polokwane, he was posted to Thulamahashe in Bush, staying there for four years before returning to Polokwane. In 1989 he headed to his home town in Giyani, stationed at another satellite office for Munghana Lonene fm, then Radio Tsonga. Mr. Mabunda, who started as a Junior Announcer, and has also worked as Translator and Producer, finally returned to Polokwane 19 years ago, in 2000.

Mabunda says he was part of the team that conceptualized the station’s soapy Mina Hi Mina, which won MTN Best Drama in 2013; and that to him ranks high amongst some of his highlights at the station.

In his valedictory note he said leaving the SABC is a mixed feeling, “for  I am leaving the place which I called home,  and I will surely miss my friends and the people I have come to regard as family”.

Wisa kahle Mhlave, wa mhangana yo bavela emavundheni. U dyondzisa na vatukulu ku garingeta. Munghana Lonene fm #Makombandlela




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