XMA16 Categories

Date: Dec 23, 2019

Here is a list of all the XMA16 Categories

XMA16 Categories

  1. Best Xitsonga Newcomer of the year (new)
  2.  Best Xitsonga Gospel Song of the year (gos)
  3. Best Xitsonga Disco Song/Dance of the year (dis)
  4. Best Xitsonga R&B Song of the year (rbs)
  5. Best Xitsonga Afro Pop of the year (afp)
  6. Best Xitsonga House Song of the year (hou)
  7. Best Xitsonga Hip-hop Song of the year (hip)
  8. Best Xitsonga Collaboration of the year (col)
  9. Best Xitsonga Duo/Group of the year (duo)
  10. Best Xitsonga Female Artist of the year (fem)
  11. Best Xitsonga Male Artist of the year (mal)
  12. Best Xitsonga Traditional Album of the year (traa)
  13. Best Xitsonga Traditional Song of the year (tras)
  14. Best Xitsonga Most Popular Song of the year (mos)
  15. Artist to perform at the main event (fes)



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