Station Managers Corner - March 2016

Date: Mar 18, 2016

Vongi Nkanyane - Acting

Station Manager’s Corner

March 2016

As the excitement dies down one cannot help but reflect back on the month that February was. Typical Munghana Lonene FM style, the birthday month which the Valentine Day resides in was full of activities that started in-house and then taken out to the most important people…our listeners. Kicking it off with a celebration at the SABC foyer with first citizens, stakeholders and passersby followed by 2 OBs at Bungeni stadium and a whole weekend invasion of Bushbuckrigde comprising of a Battle of the DJ’s, Mass Festival and our very own Muchongolo ensured a meticulously celebrated 51st birthday.

We are in full swing for the 3rd month on the calendar, March, and cannot ignore the ongoing crisis faced by South Africans including our youth and young adults across our Universities. The station under the SABC umbrella has declared March a racism awareness month. After all South Africa has an awareness month for breast cancer, black history, and all sorts of other things. This world needs a Racism Awareness Month because so many people are affected by racist acts and/or comments and any steps to lessen these occurrences, or better yet, wipe them out altogether would make the world a better place for all.
Racism is defined as a prejudice directed against someone of a different race. Judging someone based upon the color of their skin is stereotyping. This without any doubt is a worldwide issue which needs all of us to tackle head on. Differences are what make us who we are. Furthermore, the color of your skin does not in any way shape your character, personality, or intelligence. Race should not define who you are, what you do, or where you go in life.

This new awareness month can be spread by any means necessary and Munghana Lonene FM use all platforms and sectors to ensure a full and vigorous attack on this issue. Imaging, Music, adlibs, advertising including social networking sites and just about any other way possible will be utilized to ensure our listeners are well informed & educated on this topic.
Racism is something we all have witnessed in our lifetimes and we must all do our part to help curb the recurrences. All humans are created equal and we need to start acting like it. The goal of Racism Awareness Month will be to wipe out all traces of racism once and for all.

Munghana Lonene FM – Makomba Ndlela!



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