New Corporate Identity

Date: Dec 7, 2015

Munghana Lonene - New Look

Munghana Lonene fm new Corporate Identity

The Journey and the meaning

It is very important for you as our most valued customer to understand the journey we have travelled and the meaning of our new corporate identity. This has been a very lengthy process which took us almost two years to complete. The process started with the appointment of the Creative Agency by SABC. The agency met with the entire Munghana Lonene fm team to be taken through the brief. The brief was simple on paper but very difficult to execute. They were told to play around with the “M” but it must have a meaning.

The agency was requested to research the colors of Vatsonga/Machangana, their favorite dishes, what they do with their hands amongst other things. The agency conducted a deep stick research based on the brief. Take the logo (the M) and turn it to the side and you will see it taking a shape of a mortar (Tshuri), which is a sign that Vatsonga do not spend on food, but make food. The M is divided into two halves. On each half, you will notice arrows. The arrows on the left part of the M represent FAST FORWARD while the right part represents REWIND. The space in the middle represents PLAY in the music system, and the PLAY is the present.

When you give someone a direction, you first ask them where they come from and you will direct them from where they are currently. We represent the past, present and the future; hence “We are Makomba Ndlela”



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