T-Touch Smartphone

Date: Jun 20, 2016

Thulani Khoza inventions

Young South African Entrepreneur Creates his own Smartphone Range; T-Touch

BUSHBUCKRIDGE – A young entrepreneur from the dusty and rural streets of this part of town has designed and invented his own range of smartphones and tablets, T-Touch. Mr. Thulani Khoza stands ready to take on the world with his ingenious innovations.

He has designed the smart range through his company, Thulestelecoms. He exclusively shared with Munghana Lonene fm DCS that being a software engineer; he developed the software used on the gadgets from scratch, combining a sense of android and iOS operating systems. “The technology on the smartphones and tablets, I believe, is truly about to change the face of technical advancements. The software part of it is indeed uniquely packaged, unseen in our industry,” he said.

The smartphones and tablets that he has designed work perfectly, just like the other well-known brands. His phone has features such as internet connection, WhatsApp, Facebook and many others.

He said his biggest dream is to establish a factory in the province where his range of smart phones and tablets would be manufactured. “This alone would in turn create much-needed employment opportunities for our young people in the province. We are looking at employing over 600 full-time workers in the factory and people with skills in the technology environment will be employed as well,” he went on.

Even though Khoza has established himself as a powerful entrepreneur, his story among many others, is one retrieved with great wounds.
“The first chapter of my life emerged as a young boy abandoned by his parents. Growing up was hard. It felt as though I was born and made for poverty, expected to live and fend on an empty stomach to and from school. I was sexually abused by relatives and involved in two accidents that sidetracked my life for 6 months in hospital. I had no place to call home. No sense of security that every child needs,” he recalled.

Thankfully this is not all his story will be, much has happened since then.

“I enrolled at Wits for a BSC in computer science with a scholarship, while living at a church. I furthered my studies in the UK to pursue an honours in software engineering. I then completed a master’s degree in business administration in the US. In addition, I returned to Wits to complete a master’s degree in computer science. In my years at varsity, I survived on fixing student laptops and computers and would charge them thereof..

“That’s where I found my true love for technology. Little did I know that such a love would result in a booming telecommunications company, Thulestelecoms,” said Khoza.

Despite not having funding, Khoza put a hundred percent into the project and his dream has become a reality. His creation, the T-Touch smartphone will be launched in August.

It is often said that your background does not determine your future and Khoza has certainly proved that statement true.  The obstacles and difficulties he faced when he was younger only inspired him to become a trend-setter, an influencer and a highly regarded entrepreneur.



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