Phaphama Mid-week Quiz

Closed on: 28 Feb 2014

2 listeners go head to head.

Listener 1

  • Two listeners go against each other in the best of 5 Questions format based on what was heard on Phaphama and current affairs in the past week;
  • Each correct Question carry R300.00 however only the winner gets the prize.
  • The winner gets you to compete with a new contestant next week for up to a total of 3 weeks

Listener 2

  • Listeners sms Munghana.
  • Randomly selected a listener would be called and asked to pick/select a letter from the word “Munghana Lonene fm from which different prizes were hidden
  • Listeners had to answer the call by saying the catch phrase “Ku tlangela ka hina iku tlangela ka wena”.
  • Prizes included Nestle hampers worth over R700, Satelite HD PVR 2P Decoder & Cash.
  • We also ran an online competition wherein listeners had to post a glamorous / colourful picture of themselves.


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