52 years of broadcasting

Date: Feb 6, 2017

Munghana Turns 52

Munghana Lonene fm turns 52 Years old

and below is what MYO sent to us...


Madiba Youth Organisation's 52th Birthday Message To Munghana Lonene- Makomba Ndlela

Date: 01 February 2017.

The most important quality that any radio station must have is the ability and willingness to reciprocate the loyalty and support of its followers. You, Munghana Lonene, has that quality and that is precisely why many are prepared to follow you into the battlefield blindfolded.

With you it is through thick and thin. You stand by your own and your own stand by you. Most importantly you stand with the South African people. All that one has to do is to spend five minutes with you and one will know that your heart literally beats for Africa.

You are a deeply courageous, sensitive and compassionate Radio Station: a profoundly good radio station whose is not only forgiving but also immensely generous and enormously large hearted.

The role that you has consistedly played in the affairs of our country since 1965 cannot be underestimated and neither can it be ignored or wished away. No matter what anyone may say about you, you are a great friend to your friends and a formidable adversary to your foes.

Madiba Youth Organisation have tremendous respect and affection for you our beloved radio station. You are what we would call a leader's leader.


Issued by: Madiba Youth Organisation



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